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Sadiq Kahn is London's biggest problem.

From failing to tackle knife crime that has led to record youth murders, to blowing his annual mayoral budget on woke ballet and police personality tests, Sadiq Khan is a problem that London could well do without - especially given that London faces a crumbling transport infrastructure and a Metropolitan Police force that is so hung up on policing tweets that they've forgotten to police the streets.

It all started back in 2016, when Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor of London and declared that he would be "a mayor for all Londoners". If only that had been the case. The reality is that Sadiq Khan has been a mayor for himself, his cronies and the woke mob that he relies on to elect him.

And given that Khan overwhelmingly won two London Mayoral Elections, you could be forgiven for believing that he is popular, that his strategy - spend everything, do nothing and every selfie counts - has won the hearts and minds of the majority of Londoners.

But I am here to tell you that quite the opposite is true. After all, the last mayoral election had a measly turnout of 42%, which is even lower than the previous election in 2016. In fact, when you take Khan's winning share of the vote, less than a quarter of Londoners elected him.

So despite his election wins, Sadiq Khan isn't loved by the majority of Londoners. But the problem is this: those who dislike him can't see a way of getting rid of him and have given up on trying to do so.

That's why we need a unified campaign, that Londoners can believe in and get behind, to get Sadiq Khan out of office. One such grass roots campaign has been dubbed Khan Must Go. The campaign's twitter feed documents the mayor's endless list of failures and his blatant hypocrisy.

Take Khan's stance on climate change as an example. He preaches about the "climate crisis" whilst being chauffeured around in a £300,000 petrol-guzzling luxury Range Rover. And to think that he has the temerity to hike up the cost of driving in the capital, hitting those who can least afford it, whilst claiming to represent the poorest Londoners.

And just look at rising knife crime in London. It seems that not a week goes by now without the dreadful news of another young teen murdered at the hands of a knife or a gun. Youth murder is at a record high and assaults have increased to 120% of what they were this time last year. The facts speak for themselves.

Let's also take a look at Sadiq Khan's priorities as mayor. As youth murders soar and TfL faces bankruptcy, the mayor has been busy on a self-promotion drive that has involved swanning off to movie premiers and jet-setting around the globe. And who could forget the embarrassing images of him touring California's marijuana farms? Let's face it, with these sorts of priorities, London doesn't stand a chance.

Londoners are fed up with the mayor doing down their city and they are fed up with his excuses for not getting on with the job.

We need a real common sense alternative in London, starting with a zero-tolerance approach to crime. There's so much to do: upgrading our transport infrastructure, housebuilding for all and driving investment into the city.

But we can't do any of this until we unite and admit to ourselves that Sadiq Khan is London's biggest problem. And It's time to stop him from ruining our city.

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